Translation Services  

Our rates

Word Rate
We usually charge a rate per word. A number of factors determine the word rate:

  • the degree of difficulty – i.e. how specialised the text is;
  • the required delivery date of the translation;
  • whether or not the translation needs to be certified;
  • the volume.  

The final price will be determined by the number of target words (i.e. the number of translated words).  

We can send you a quote based on the source document (i.e. the document to be translated). If the document cannot be viewed in advance, we will give you an estimated price.The number of words of the final translation will then determine the amount payable.

Fixed rate
For certain documents we charge a fixed rate:

  • Extracts  from a birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc
  • Diplomas, degrees and academic transcripts
  • Tax forms

A surcharge of 20% applies to rush assignments. Special discounts apply to large assignments!


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